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Our Mission

PHS PTO Objectives, Strategies and Goals

Mission Statement:

To build a strong partnership between parents, teachers and administrators for the benefit of PHS students. 


To involve a larger group of parents, teachers and administrators in the PHS community.


Provide a positive environment, more effective communication, quality programs and dynamic meetings to enhance the learning and social environment at PHS.



  1.  Provide a Positive Environment

  • Provide monthly staff appreciation events.

  • Develop recommendation for updating Staff Lounge and Resource Center.

  • Provide “Welcome Back” luncheon in August, and “Staff Appreciation” luncheon in June.

  • Provide one or two student focused events per year (Field Day, Speakers, etc.).

  • Continue to improve PHS Pride via facility improvement.

  2.  Improve Communications

  • Improve Facebook distribution to achieve minimum 400 followers.

  • Effectively communicate to parents PHS events on a timely basis to encourage student participation and involvement.

  • Improve Publicity - post photographs and summaries of PTO events.

  • Improve PTO Website (current information, pictures).

  3.  Provide quality programs for the PHS community

  • Continue to create programs that promote good will and a sense of community at PHS.

  • Improve communication with peer communities (MMS, PES, GES, LMES, MES).

  • ”Search and reapply” successful activities and events at peer high schools. 

​  4.  Host Dynamic PTO Meetings

  • Create a positive, supportive environment where individuals are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas.

  • Distribute PTO Minutes on a timely basis…emailed via Email or Facebook within two days of our PTO meetings.

  • PTO meeting reminders sent out 3-4 days in advance of meetings.

  • Create different themes/guest speakers to encourage attendance and participation.

  • Continue Principal and Staff reports at all meetings.

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